Peace. That’s all most of us ever wanted. Peace.
Today is May 10th, 2020. And this is the inaugural broadcast for ‘Honest News dot com.’
And my online name is ‘George Washington dot com’.

As this is my first ‘broadcast’, I must tell you a little about myself I suppose. But before I do, I will give you a flavor of what to expect, and what I consider newsworthy. Hopefully humorous to boot. 

The President of Tanzania was suspicious of the Covid-19 testing going on. So, he sent in mislabeled tests on purpose. Instead of children and adults, male and females, he sent in swabs of Papaya, motor oil, quail and goats. The papaya, the quail and the goat all came back positive. He promptly suspended the head of the department.

On a personal note, I’ve been following the King, the Prince of Peace, for 30 years now. Praying for ‘His Kingdom to come’, and for our ‘Father’s will to be done’. And right now, as usual, it is. The earth and many of its critters, are getting a big, big break. And, perhaps He is giving us a world-wide wake-up call. 

Despite the date, I can’t yet SEE 20-20. Some truths are still hard to see. Dis-Honest News rules the day. Paid liars abound. So hopefully, someday soon, we will soon launch ‘What Lies Do We Still’ where together, us Honest Folks (dot com) can figure them all out.

However, I can tell you quite confidently, The King won’t put up with lies in His Kingdom. His City will be called the City of Truth. His City will be filled with Honest Folks only. His newsletter, if we have one, will be filled ONLY with Honest News.

YahVah says: “I will return to Zion, and will dwell in the middle of Jerusalem. Jerusalem shall be called ‘The City of Truth;’ and the mountain of YahVah of Armies, ‘The Holy Mountain.’ ”

Zechariah 8:3

So, if you want truth, and have the guts to confront the truth, come on in. We’re gonna pull the curtains back on the Kingdom of the Beast. One lie at a time. 

I’m hoping to join up with other Honest Folks so a good job can be done. Logical folks. Humble folks. Probably not many rich folks! I want to join up with ‘Yah’s’ folks. Yah, as in Hallelu ‘YAH’.

That’s one truth that’s been hidden in plain sight, by the way. God’s name.His name is Yah. But more about that another day.

Spanish Flu, Russian Flu, Asain Flu,
Hong Kong Flu, AIDS Virus, Mers virus,
Ebola Virus, Bird Flu, Swine Flu,
and now Carona Virus.

Right now, the Beast has pressed the ‘pause button’ on the whole world. All because of a ‘Virus’, which means ‘poison’ in Latin. They will offer us more and more injections that will ‘protect us’ and ‘keep us safe’. Or else.
Their playbook is nothing new. They have promoted viruses in the past. However, crippling the working folks of the whole world (except Sweden) IS something new. 

And it has been quite destructive. Businesses are folding. Non-government workers are suffering in an avalanche of ways. People are dying alone. Many having tubes shoved down their throat. People are stressed and lonely. People can’t breathe, and, perhaps most of all, People need a hug!

And Mother’s need their kids, especially on Mother’s Day, which, in the USA, is today. Is it worth it? Is it all true? Is it all necessary? Or is it being blown out of proportion to enrich the Beast. I have researched the matter. And have come to MY OWN conclusions. Perhaps you will agree with them, perhaps not. One is still entitled to one’s own opinion last I heard.

Bill Of Rights
The First Amendment to the United States Constitution prevents the government from making laws which regulate an establishment of religion, prohibit the free exercise of religion, or abridge the freedom of speech, the freedom of the press, the right to peaceably assemble, or the right to petition the government for redress of grievances. Adopted on December 15, 1791

Freedom of speech. Freedom to assemble. Freedom of Religion. Freedom of the press. All 1st Amendment guarantees. Yet they are being illegally trumped by Covid-19.

So what qualification do I have?

1. I will NOT knowingly tell a lie. I have no desire to darken my soul. I plan on meeting Dad someday and I’m hoping He says, ‘Well done, you son of a – librarian.”
2. My online name is George Washington Dot Com. (I’m a real General and a builder too.)
3. I am a natural investigator. And I dig the truth. 

Along the lines of Columbo. I own all episodes by the way. Plus, I was born in Columbia Hospital, IN the District of Columbia.So, come on in, and let’s get started. I will show you some important clues I have found. I will provide links to videos and folks that seem to be truth tellers – on this subject alone. 

By the way, I do not endorse anyone in total. As no one is perfect. Everyone disagrees with everyone about something. But, on the issue of Viruses there is definitely another side that the Mainstream Media is not anxious for you to see. So, like I said, we’ll pull back the curtain a bit. It is up to you to make up your own mind. 

I choose, as my first piece of evidence, a 4-minute, ‘hot mic’ recording of a ‘Carona Virus Briefing Room’ in the
White House itself. A guy mentions that the USC study recently released confirms that the numbers of people that have died as a result of ‘Covid-19’ are about the same numbers of deaths as the regular cold and flu season. Year in. Year out. Please don’t get me wrong, death is tragic. My phone told me about 50 thousand people a year die from cold and Flu season every year in the USA. My Pharmacist said it was around 60 thousand. We are not the healthiest bunch of folks these days. We get poisoned from every direction. I want to launch ‘Less Poison dot com’ someday too. But, let’s get on with the Virus investigation. Please watch the 4-minute video. The presenter did a great job. 

Next, I will point to Doctor/Soldier Rashid Bashar. He is on track with the Covid 19 like nobody’s business. He pulls zero punches. He calls the masterminds, politicians and media moguls behind the lockdown ‘criminals’. I agree. Perhaps you will too. It’s about 20 minutes long.

He is asked first about a different Doctor also making waves on Covid 19. Who is also running for Senate. His name is Dr. Shiva. Bashar says to beware of him, then he soon gets into the Corona virus info.

Next, I want to link to Nancy Turner Banks M. D. (Medical Doctor) She talks for 14 minutes about Vaccines.
The Corona Virus is all about Vaccines, if you did not know. Vaccines are very profitable. Back when I was young, we were given 3 or 4 vaccines. Autistic kids were rare. Now kids get about 70 or so vaccines, and Autistic kids are everywhere. And it’s now mandatory in California. It appears that the PRIVATE vaccine company called the ‘CDC’ owns about 40 patents on vaccines (See Robert Kennedy Jr video below.) They would love to make vaccines mandatory for the whole world. As would Bill Gates and his handlers. 

In fact, Bill Gates and world leaders planned on it, just last fall as a matter of fact. All in order to, and I quote from their own website, ‘to diminish large-scale economic and societal consequences’. Well guess what. They failed. Or did they?

OK, so if you like Nancy Banks, and figure she has something to say, perhaps you will want to listen to her being interviewed about the Carona Virus. The interview is in two parts. Both about an hour. I could not stop listening. She is rock solid.

The next video is one from a guy named Jeff G. For me, it is the best overall explanation of how viruses work and what they are. It is a fascinating video. It is a bit technical. I had to watch it many times to digest it all. 

If you open the show notes below the video you will see that he offers a book. There is also a link to a written interview.

Click HERE for the Interview.

Click HERE for the 4-part Video.


Next I want to link to a Hero of mine, Robert Kennedy Junior. Nephew of President John F. Kennedy.
The 30-minute interview is fantastic. Easy to understand info. His voice is a bit hard to understand. He talks about vaccines at minute 18:00 – 28:00.

Additionally, he and actor Robert DeNiro offered $100 thousand dollars to anyone who can prove a vaccine to be safe. It’s over an hour long but well worth it. No one has claimed the money.

Dr. Tim O’Shea, the fella at ‘The Doctor Within dot com’, offered $5,000 to anyone who can prove a Covid 19 diagnosis. His virus info is all good. His site has recent articles and podcasts related to the Carona Virus, along with important show notes, they ‘seal the deal’ on the Covid 19 scam.

The Doctor Within podcast #705 – $5k Reward for Proof of Covid 19 Diagnosis


O’Shea’s Podcasts: Click here.

O’Shea’s Articles: Click here.

I gotta give a nod to a couple of guys that put a bit of humor into the virus thing.
1st guy you may not have heard of. He gets the virus thing right. He says he is a smart guy. I don’t doubt it.
His sometimes humorous, but jam-packed video, is only 11 minutes long. Just the facts mam.

The second guy you likely have heard of. BEWARE! He says lots of words you do not want your kids to hear.
The funny man, George Carlin. He makes common sense now and then in his routine about Germs. And, if you can handle bad words, it’s pretty damn funny.

David Crow at The Infectious Myth does a great job.Here is a video interview of his worth watching. He is big on the science of it all. Some of it is hard for me to understand but I get the gist. 

His website name says it all – The Infectious Myth dot com:

And if you wonder how the Beast keeps everyone in control, watch a 20-minute video about a doctor who found out what happens when one tells the truth, and goes against the Beast.  Dr. Peter Duesberg is another hero.

And, more recently, two Kern County Doctors spoke out about their experiences in testing thousands of folks in their clinics. I could no longer find the succinct, 10 minute, local, Fox News report. And today, on Mother’s Day, every link of them at Brighteon played, but without sound. Weird. Except for the one with Spanish subtitles. It’s a bit over an hour long. These two doctors are quite convincing. They are in the trenches and speak from hands-on experience.

So that’s my 1st report.


As a side note, I had to rush putting this together due to a few signs I put up in front of my store going viral. I’ve gotten lots of messages from a lot of hypnotized folks. (And some supporters too!) I totally understand. I was hypnotized myself not too long ago. It is hard coming to the truth. I’m just trying to make it easier for the folks that are willing. Truth matters.

I changed the NO MASKS ALLOWED sign, as it was a tongue-in-cheek comment, and it seemed to draw the most ire. Of course we’d let someone in with a mask on! In fact, we did! And the old gal promptly asked if she could take hers OFF!

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